Tuesday, October 2, 2012

50 first dates

I woke up this morning to take the kids to school came home and on the tv one of my favorite movies of all time was on, 50 first dates. I got to watch the last 20 minutes of it. I heard Drew in the movie mention that her favorite flower is the Casablanca lily. I had to look it up because I too like lilies.

 I love flowers period. Out of the lilies I like the Asiatic lilies,

 I like the smooth leather satin feel of the petals. The asiatic and Casablanca lilies look similar, I mean you can tell they are all Lilies, however cacasblanca lilies have a more ruffly petal with a light satin feel.

Ultimately my favorite flower is the plumeria.

They smell wonderful and make beautiful leis. I'm going to make these with the girls. I remember obsessing over trying to grow these trees in Texas. I know I wasted a lot of money planting my California plants around my Texas home. I knew I had to be aware of Tenders and Tropicals in the frost. Then there came a problem with the soil. In Texas the soil is rock, ha! I always learn the hard way. I grew pineapple plants. I still always grow these every summer. Because its as simple as cutting off top and planting top in soil. I like to do that with a lot of produce I got from the super market. Pineapples are from the bromeliad family. Such as Aechmea, Neoregelia and Guzmania. I keep these in the house I had to learn the hard way, Texas ruined a few of my beautiful bromeliads. They last a long time if they are in the right environment.

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