Thursday, September 27, 2012

Count Down to Hawaii

I don't even know where to begin with this post.  There's so much I want to pour into this.  That's why I created this blog.  So I guess this is what they mean by blogging about something you know and are passionate about.   On my hair blog, I write what I know but this blog about Hawaii is my passion.  

 Ever since my husband said that we got Hawaii! I have been so happy.  It seems like my prayers have been answered.  I get to live where I've always wanted to go.  Thank you honey, you are truly God sent.  Instead of just visiting Hawaii, it's like God said "child I'm going to do better than that for you, your wish is my command."  From everything I have seen and gone through in my life, I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family and being surrounded by people that I can trust and that love each other very much.  I am feeling like I am experiencing all the joyful abundance life has to offer.  Is this euphoria?   If there is ever one thing I could go back and change in my life,  I would change nothing.  Life is all about change, and I believe change paves the way for opportunities of even greater things to happen in your life as you move forward.  Change is inevitable.  It started from the creation of The Heaven and Earth and starts within the womb.  Seeds are planted everyday.  Although God is the Master creator, we plant seeds everyday in our life that manifests our desires, whether we know it or not.  Remember the sayings "Be careful what you ask for" "Do onto others, as you want done to you" "What goes around, comes around".  Sayings like that have a deeper meaning.  And they all mean  the same, what you put out there will come back to you.  I know you're probably wondering, "what does that have to do with Hawaii?"  Well, when I was a little girl I use to want to be a photographer.  Only because I wanted to travel the world and collect photos of beautiful Islands.  I'll never forget this calendar one of my best friends got me for my birthday when I turned twelve.  It had pictures of different beautiful islands from around the world.  When all the months ran out,  I took the pictures from the calendar and hung them all around my room.  It was then when I learned about the island of Sri Lanka and the Maldive Islands.

Sri Lanka

The Maldives.  Every picture of these islands are beautiful.  I may dedicate an article just on the Maldives.

  The picture in the calendar captivated me the most was the black sand beach of Hawaii.  It was fascinating to me how beach sand can go from being white as snow to also being black as coal.  I learned about that later, and I will go deeper into that later in one of my posts.  In this particular photo, the sunset in the background was astonishing.  The way it illuminated against the black sand, I still remember the feeling, it was paradise.   

 My passion for the islands since I was a kid has manifested into my reality.  I hear Hawaii has a lot to see and offer but I will save that for a later post as well.  I am listening to what everyone has to say about Hawaii "It's too expensive, you'll get island fever".  You know the good and the bad.  But I had my mind made up along time ago so I can't be moved by anything negative.  One of the things I am looking forward to, is seeing live coconut palms swaying the island breeze, seeing live banana plants and eating the ripe sweet fresh fruit.  I also want to see the many noni trees.  The Polynesian Islands is home to the noni which grows 365 days a years like almost all the fruit there.  I appreciate everything good nature has to offer.  I'll try new things at least once and more if I like it.  I would really like to grow a lush garden when I get there.  When we buy a house, I would like to landscape it with beautiful tropical flowers, tenders, and palms.  It's a blessing that my husband and I can take the children to live in Hawaii.   I plan on sitting outside on peaceful days.  In the lawn while my babies play all around me, drinking juice, sipping on the sweet nectar of life, listening to some cool vibes with my husband.   With the look in our eyes saying "this is the life". 

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